Sexism and Ageism- sometimes at once

At my job, there are multiple courts that a prosecutor can be assigned. There are 2 major sections: State Court and Recorder’s court. They’re mostly the same, except Recorder’s Court is the only court that can hear county ordinance violations (like if you play the stereo at your party too loud). State court is equipped for jury trials and Recorder’s Court is not (I’m not sure if that’s because it doesn’t have the square feet for jury trials or what).

When I was hired, I was told everyone had to start in Recorder’s court and over time can be transferred to state court. Personally, I like Recorder’s court. I have a huge window in my office, my hours are very flexible, my boss is fantastic, and I’m not missing jury trials at all. The State Court offices are in a windowless basement with the head boss walking around. Screw that. In any event, I was told everyone goes through Recorder’s Court first. Turns out, that was just one of many lies I was told.

After I was hired 3 more attorneys were hired. They all went straight to State Court. I was a meeting and realized that all 3 of them were men. I said nothing. I mentioned it to a female colleague and she added more information: she and I had years of experience over at least one of the men that had gone straight to State Court. I said nothing. I talked with my boss and found out 3 more attorneys were hired, and one is coming to Recorder’s Court. Her name is Brittany. Uh huh. I have a male friend named Eric who interviewed, and I wonder what the gender of the other 2 who went straight to State Court are?

Then I came across this article: “I was the face of NYC news for 27 years. Now I’m being pushed aside because I’m a 61-year-old woman.”

Ms. Torre and a few of her colleagues eventually felt compelled to file suit. I really hope I’m wrong about my observations.

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