I haven’t published or blogged in a while because… well, lots of reasons. I had started a new job right before the last blog post. Mostly I didn’t keep up because society, the world- its all just such a mess. I’m drowning in a sea of virtual evil, and there’s no where to put my anchor. There’s little out there to hang on to during these fake news alternative facts days. It’s sickening. No one seems to care anymore, and those who do feel virtually powerless. To impeach or not to impeach is dividing the democratic party, and the republican party seems to be united under the pussy grabbing rich umbrella of the SCROTUS. There are 20 candidates from the democratic party vying to be top dog and attempted to take down SCROTUS. That’s called cannibalism. They’re trying to devour each other and see who is left and hope its good enough to take the current sexual assault predator in charge. That is no way to run a country. Cannibalism barely works in the wombs of sharks, and these weak ass congressional members are far from sharks. Idiocracy went from a movie script to real life so quickly it was deafening. No one reads, and by reads I mean actually reads real pieces of information, digests it, meditates on it, and has a discussion about what was learned. I don’t mean laughs at memes, or reads one-sided columns or blogs, or watches the one media channel that mirrors already held beliefs. Anyone else miss the Fairness Doctrine yet? [It required broadcasters to devote some of their airtime to discussing controversial matters of public interest, and to air contrasting views regarding those matters. Stations were given wide latitude as to how to provide contrasting views: It could be done through news segments, public affairs shows, or editorials. The doctrine did not require equal time for opposing views but required that contrasting viewpoints be presented. The demise of this FCC rule has been considered by some to be a contributing factor for the rising level of party polarization in the United States.] Didn’t anyone else’s news stations used to fight over who was more “fair and balanced?”

My brother watched a documentary on flat-earthers and he came to a shocking realization: Trump supporters are the same as flat-earthers. To that end, some Trump supporters may also be flat earthers and vice versa. But here is the take away according to my brother (and I have no reason to doubt him): they believe whatever they want despite any and all evidence to the contrary and will even shift opinion based on new information presented, going as far as to call anyone who tells them contradictory information unreliable, or a liar. Sound familiar? If you tell me the Earth is round when I clearly “know” that it is not, then you are trying to fool me. You are lying to me. If you give me videos and pictures, I will argue they are doctored. I bet that if I was flown myself up into the stratosphere I would argue I was drugged or the flight plan altered or I’m not seeing out the windows, it’s a projector onto a screen… anything to hold on to my dear beliefs. Now, substitute flat earth for Trump. No matter how many videos, audio clips, or news snippets show him lying, assaulting, humiliating, double-talking, whatever- his supporters have a weird wrap around thought process that won’t allow them to see what non-supporters see. Which, quite frankly, is scary. No one should be that devoted to anyone or anything that much (except maybe Jesus?). If someone was in a relationship where the partner was viewed as unable to do any wrong we’d have a nice sit-down chat with that person about reality. But here- the supporters seem so far gone there can’t be a nice sit-down chat involving reality. Reality is just an old friend from high school that they acknowledge exists but they don’t hang out anymore.

Which leads me to my next personal bit of angry: hypocrisy. Trump cancelled all trips to Cuba. My dad and his wife (both supporters) had booked a trip to Cuba. I thought that was such a great idea I looked into a trip to Cuba. When Trump cancelled the trips, I shrugged and said oh well. My dad had actually booked his trip- and was glad about the cancellation because they refunded half his money and re-routed his cruise to Mexico instead. “I’m basically getting a free cruise!” Which is funny since he always says he hates going on cruises (and yet keeps going on them). I may be jumping to conclusions but I can almost guarantee that if Obama had cancelled my dad’s vacation to Cuba we wouldn’t be hearing the end of how Obama keeps ruining his life.

The other part of the hypocrisy I noticed was in the choice of media. Back in the day, my parents loved Murphy Brown, SNL, much of counter culture (I was almost given a seriously hippie name like Sunshine Rainbow or some shit and my mom loves Jerry Garcia). My dad was 100% anti-Vietnam. Now, however, that’s just a funny memory about being young and dumb, not knowing better. My brother and I theorize that part of that is due to my parents never really anchoring on to anything, no religion, no strong held belief system or convictions. They just changed with the times, I guess you could say.

My dad also said something to the effect of “After watching the commie debates for 2 nights, if you vote Democrat you hate the US. End of story.” Now there are a few things I can say with certainty about that statement: 1 my dad did not watch 1 millisecond of the democratic debates and 2 that statement is not up for discussion. You can’t ask what part of the debate set him off because we all know he didnt watch, he’s just spouting off what someone else said, you can’t ask him about which of the 20 candidates was a commie (Bernie’s an unapologetic socialist but the rest seem to really enjoy capitalism and I’m sure my dad would happily tell you the’re all commie pinkos), you can’t ask him how voting against Trump makes you hate the US.

The mindset of a Trumpeter is a dark and scary place that I try to avoid. There can be no gainful knowledge acquired by going in there and trying to place a light.

So for now, that is all. I have plenty of other things to be angry about and I am sure I will put them all out here shortly but that was the piece I needed to get out desperately.

One thought on “drowning

  1. We were talking about this as you were writing this. And as much as it’s easy to point to the right. The left is as guilty, just not as crazy and illogical. People watching the debates and buying into the idea that if any of those actually do win the ticket and defeat Drumpf, that they will do what they say. Yet, they forget, most of the candidates are if not career politicians, have been around long enough, those are the ones with a real chance. And if they do win the presidency, which probably won’t happen since it’s looking like a repeat of 2016 except 18 more candidates, that people forget how our government works. You have to look at Congress who are agreeing to do everything Drumpf says. Suicide is looking like one of the few viable options of escaping this because you can’t even move to another country anymore because common sense and civility are leaving the human race as fast as global warming.


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