Might Makes Right, or how I learned to love the bomb*

*Dr. Strangelove reference for you uninformed or young

Hope this link works

Trump Supporters Think Like 5 year olds

If it doesnt, here’s the gist of it, and you may need to strap in for this if you are thinking, rational person:

We all know Trump lies, and multiple sources have timed and averaged out how many lies in what length of time (1,100+ in the month of October, or 30 a day… or, after his state of the union speech, 1 every 34 seconds). So do they not care about his complete lack of honesty? Have they convinced themselves that honesty isn’t important? Have they convinced themselves he’s an honest and trustworthy guy despite all evidence to the contrary?

Yale psychologist Bandy X. Lee says

the sense of grandiose omnipotence that he displays seems especially appealing to his emotionally needy followers. No  matter what the world says, he fights back against criticism. What matters is that he is winning, not whether he is honest or law-abiding. This may seem puzzling to the rest of us, but when you are overcome with feelings of powerlessness, this type of cartoonish, exaggerated force is often more important than true ability. This is the more primitive morality, as we call it, of “might makes right,” which in normal development you grow out of by age five.

Trump supporters don’t care about logic and reasoning so you can’t swing their vote by appealing to their brains. You need to coddle them and treat them like five year olds and elect the next better bully. The journalist of the story theorizes that “might makes right” is why Hillary Clinton lost. Her “they go low we go high” and “stronger together” slogans weren’t the sledge hammer needed to topple the behemoth. Her slogans depicted a shiny happy people kumbayah feeling and the people who voted on feelings wanted more of the AC/DC flavor (with apologies to AC/DC). The journalists suggests beating him with policy substance may be the key. Counter with substance, appeal with policy.

So let’s say that’s HOW you beat him. Now, who can pull that off? As of this writing, the democratic contenders seem to be as follows:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Julian Castro, former head of HUD

Rep. John Delaney

Sen. Richard Ojeda

Andrew Yang, entrepenuer

VP Joe Biden

Beto O’Rourke (surely you’ve heard of him)

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sen. Kamala Harris

Sen. Cory Booker

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Hillary Clinton, despite everyone telling her no

I think Warren and Biden could pull the policy and substance challenge to Trump, but trump supporters are nothing if not maniacal. I have a feeling its got to be more of a battle of the bullies with the democratic team pulling out the victor of “might makes right.”


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