Tragedies come in threes- dental insurance, health insurance, auto insurance

Where to begin…

My 8 year old special needs daughter required 2 surgeries- 1 to get four baby teeth pulled to make room for the permanent teeth, and 1 to get her ear tubes evaluated because they had been in just shy of 6 years. The ENT said there was some blockage he wanted to make sure wasn’t a cyst (it wasn’t). The dental part was covered by dental insurance, but they wouldn’t cover the facility charge or anesthesia. I don’t know why. The head of dental surgery sent a letter of medical necessity but Cigna dental still said they’d cover the dental portion only. I called United and said, okay this is the part where you pay. They said no. In order to get the surgery to stay on the date we had originally picked I told the hospital I would self pay. This means I owe $23,470 but if I pay within 30 days I would only owe a little over $11,000.00. Awesome. I called United who said they never received any authorization from the hospital regarding the ear tubes. I called the hospital who gave me the authorization number from the ENT for the procedure. In fact, the ENT billing lady tells me, if they hadn’t gotten an authorization there would have been no surgery. I got a medical record number, I got the authorization number, and I got a call that said United was never listed as a healthcare provider in my daughter’s file. I call the supervisor for the hospital’s billing department and give her the same info, including my health insurance information, and tell her to make it right and call me back. I haven’t heard a peep. You can’t help but ask, what’s the good of insurance?

But as is the case in my world, that’s not enough to make it awful. Nay. Owing $11,000-$24,000 doesn’t cut it for my fate.

Monday a semi truck decides to rip off my back bumper and claim I tried to cut him off. If I had done it, trust and believe I would have admitted it fully. I never fight speeding tickets because I know I speed and if you catch me, I owe you money. Regardless, this asshole rips my bumper off and fights the cop on it. The cop issues no citation saying he couldn’t possibly determine who was at fault (which is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard and I prosecute traffic offenses almost all day every day). I call my insurance company ALLSTATE who tells me I have no collision coverage, I only have comprehensive (fire or theft). I said that’s impossible. This car is a 2016, with a lien holder. You can’t NOT have full coverage on a new vehicle with a lien holder. I have a 2006 truck with full coverage why the fuck wouldn’t I have  full coverage on a new car. No rental, no uninsured motorist, no med pay, no collision. Right. So I call my agent, and ALLSTATE’s generic call center, and ALLSTATE’s home office. I’m told that it will be remedied in 24-48 hours. It’s now Thursday and it’s not remedied. My appraiser has been cancelled. I haven’t been able to get my car looked at or subsequently get a rental. I’ve now blown through my entire vacation time saved up from work. I’m going to have to pay for a rental out of pocket because as I just said, out of vacation time so I have to go in. There goes Xmas in Florida to see the family. I’m lucky I won’t lose my job.

UPDATE: My agent, DARRIN COLLINS, decided to call and be a total dick to me and my husband, accusing us of trying to “Get one over” on ALLSTATE even though we’ve been policy holders for over 21 years. Then he said it was our fault for not reviewing the details of our policy closer. I’m sorry, don’t we pay you to make sure we have the right coverage for our lives? We’re not supposed to go behind you and make sure you’re doing your job. YOU are supposed to be the expert, not us. After being a dick for probably 30 straight minutes he just says he’ll call the underwriting department to see if he can get it fixed.

I also got the police report, and it’s wrong. It says I was cruising in the emergency lane when I specifically told officer fuckface I wasn’t having an emergency there was no need for me to be in the emergency lane. Now I have to call and yell at him. I can’t. I’m really gonna lose it.

Is that my three?

If not, there’s always the fact that someone cloned my husband’s card and used it at an ATM in Vegas to withdraw over $400 that was not caught by the fraud department at my bank.

Time to cry.


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