So normally I write this blog from the office, because I have way more free time due to my awesome time management skills; however, due to the cyber attack the entire office had to have new Windows installed (we went from Windows 7 to Windows 10… in 2018) and almost all our stuff was lost- passwords, favorite websites, documents, etc. Soooo now I can only blog from the house and by the time I get here my ass is flat-out exhausted. My feet hurt from being forced to wear high heels. My brain hurts from having to talk with 100 morons for every 2 attorneys. My eyes hurt from reading tickets and police reports. My commute is never less than an hour, either direction. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, and I honestly don’t want to have to do anything else but my god its draining. The last thing I want to do is have to think, let alone manage to work myself into a rage over the constant idiocy of this presidency or society.

So this is my acknowledgment that I am behind and my promise to try and do better in the days to come.

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