Be Best!

Melania Trump decided to announce her campaign as First Lady. She calls it “Be Best.”



My brain hurts from running around with all the thoughts this misstep encompasses.

First: Be Best is not a set of words that make a complete thought or sentence. Be your best, be the best you can be, do your best, etc. These are words and phrases. Be Best is a verb and an adjective. Sentences, you may recall, require a subject, usually a noun. I’m not going to give her a pass because English is her second language, or because she’s a dumb model. Someone somewhere should have straightened her out.

Second: in a complete slap in the face, the day after her official introduction of her big push for children, her husband SCROTUS makes moves to cut funding for kids’ health insurance.

I will say in her defense, she didn’t plagiarize the pamphlet supposedly written by the Obama administration, but only because she never claimed it came from her. The plagiarism is from elsewhere in her staff and the government.

One thought on “Be Best!

  1. Even though English isn’t her 1st language, she knows more languages than most ‘Mericans, and I’m sure she has assistants who actually did all the work. So, no pass.


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