THE WALL – not Pink Floyd

SCROTUS is threatening a government shut down if Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall he wants to build to keep Mexico out. Right now, I can’t even think of an analogy to help that make some semblance of sense. I guess maybe the mob forcing businesses to pay for their “protection?” If making someone pay you to keep you from coming after them isn’t the definition of a bully, I’m not sure what else is.

Anyway, the amount of flawed logic isn’t just about forcing someone else to pay for what you want (I’d argue that’s pretty much the definition of dating) but that building a wall will somehow help. Most immigration violators didn’t walk across the desert into California or Texas, they flew here legally on a visa and overstayed (Fact: Fact check 1, Fact Check 2, Fact Check 3). The current estimates are about 40% of illegals are the ones who overstay. The other 60% are a hodgepodge of other ways illegals got here, not 60% walked across the border illegally. In fact, according to one study, about 250k overstayed their visa, while only 150k walked across the border (Fact check). By the way, that last fact check also talks about people who seek asylum because where they currently live is too dangerous, as well as showing that illegals rarely have a felonious and lengthy criminal record. Of course, the media only shows when a repeat offender is an illegal and does more bad stuff, not the millions – yes, literally millions- who have no record, stay here for over a decade, and are law-abiding citizens.

So now SCROTUS says if Mexico won’t pay for our wall (lack of logic there still makes me shake my head) he’ll have a government shut down. How exactly does putting American citizens out of work force Mexico to do anything? You think Enrique Pena Nieto gives a tiny rat’s ass about whether or not U.S. citizens are able to commute to work every day? He didn’t shut anyone down, SCROTUS did. This situation, boys and girls, is called “cutting your nose to spite your face.” In other words, I’m mad at you so I’m going to further hurt myself hoping you’ll change. To quote a fantastic commercial: “That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!”

Government funding is set to run out in September so that’s when most people assume the shut down will occur. Now, whether it will close due to budget shortfalls, general disagreements in Congress, or THE WALL! is anyone’s guess. My money is on “all of the above.”

In continuing this epic train wreck of logic, SCROTUS found out that more than 200 Central American immigrants were set to arrive in the U.S. via caravan and said they “better be stopped.” They were, and then 228 were allowed in to seek asylum.

SCROTUS says he has something like $1.6 billion ready to go towards the wall but where it came from and if that’s where it’s actually going is only known to God.

Further, shutting down the government just before elections is so deliciously stupid it makes my mouth water. Nothing says you’re about to rape your political affiliation by shutting down the government just before people are picking the new government.

SCROTUS is actually quoted as saying he would “love to see a shutdown.” Who says that?! Who says, in essence, “Cant wait to see all these employees without a job, parks shut down, the country grind to a halt- all because of me!” A psychopath drunk on his own alleged power, that’s who.

Then he says it’s all because Democrats don’t want safety. Those are big words coming from a guy who wouldn’t let guns into the NRA convention where he was giving a speech. Maybe Democrats know that throwing money at a wall is not the solution, just like he supposedly knows that gun control isn’t about safety, either.

Trump’s own Pentagon chief said everyone would advise SCROTUS that a shut down is a bad idea. Whether the baby has a tantrum and continues anyway or sucks his thumb in the corner is anyone’s guess.

It gets better, just when you think it can’t possibly: Representative Barbara Comstock of Maryland (one of my old home states) makes two completely logical points: (1) No one in congress thinks a shut down is a good idea, and (2) everyone in congress agrees that there needs to be a crackdown on violent gangs. What does SCROTUS do? Blows her off. Now,  I could make the very feminist argument that SCROTUS always blows off women and their ideas but let’s just go ahead and focus on his retort:

“You can say what you want. We are not getting support of the Democrats.”

SHE JUST TOLD HIM THAT IS NOT TRUE. A member of Congress, a REPUBLICAN member of Congress, one who goes there on a very regular basis just told him Democrats and Republicans agree on these two issues and the man who has never set foot on the Congressional floor blew her off and said he knew more about the situation than she did!

But wait, there’s more!

Remember the DACA aka Dreamers fiasco? SCROTUS was all “fuck them” and the rest of the world was like, uhhh what? Well now his staff is saying, and I directly quote verbatim here, some Dreamers were “too lazy to get off their asses” and apply for protection from A PROGRAM HE ELIMINATED. Sara Sanders, the president’s spokesperson, tried to salvage the mess by saying “If anybody’s lazy it’s probably Democrats who aren’t showing up to work” to cut a deal on immigration and security.

Everybody’s lazy but me!

Anyway, let’s circle back to immigration and how it cuts REALLLLLLLLLLLLLL close to home for SCROTUS.

SCROTUS is all “I hate chain migration where everyone can bring everyone else into the country.” Yeah, except that’s basically what his latest wife just did for her parents.

Melania’s parents have become legal permanent residents are close to obtaining their citizenship, but no one can say how or when the couple gained their green cards. Hmmm….

“Chain migration” is also known as “family reunification.”

Adding to the mystery of the SCROTUS in-laws is that there is no record of them until 2007 when they suddenly take up residence at…. wait for it… Mar-A-Lago!

Melania isn’t out of the clear, either. She comes here on a visitor’s visa which becomes a work visa, and then SCROTUS sponsors her because of her “Extraordinary ability” to model. Extraordinary ability is a green card status usually reserved for people who win Nobel prizes, and Melania hasn’t said what exactly made her modeling abilities Nobel prize winning material.

Oh, and BTW, Melania’s sister is here, too, living in a Trump-owned building off Park Ave.

So maybe stopping chain migration isn’t a bad idea after all…. if it can stop the spread of Trumps.

One thought on “THE WALL – not Pink Floyd

  1. And you can’t forget the argument that the yodeling yahoo’s like to spout about immigrants is them getting on welfare, food stamps, don’t pay taxes, etc. Sure, they may get get paid under the table, but every thing you buy is taxed. There’s a lot of people who think that income shouldn’t be taxed, so there’s an argument for that. Unless the immigrants get fake id’s, they don’t qualify for government ‘entitlements’. It’s all a mess that those politicians that are really bad at their jobs can use inane rhetoric to rile up the ignorant. So, lets cut more school funding to keep the masses stupid.


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