The Fake Doctor’s Note

Most people should realize that faking notes of any kind is a bad idea. Faking a love letter is wrong, forging parents signatures on sick notes is technically wrong even though everyone does it, forging a doctor’s or lawyer’s signature is probably illegal under most circumstances. So why does no one care that SCROTUS faked a doctors note? Is it because its just so third grade? Because SCROTUS lying is as common as exhaling?

First, if you actually look at the note- it’s clearly SCROTUS talking: “His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary,” “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” He’s the bestest, the bigly president. Most bestest president ever!

Let’s be real, man. You’re 70, and even at 70 Jack Lalanne couldn’t say he would be the healthiest individual ever elected. SCROTUS is the oldest-yes OLDEST- man ever elected to what was the highest position in the land. The same man who allegedly locks himself in his room with McDonalds.

It was probably common knowledge at the time that the letter was likely bogus, but no one could prove it and SCROTUS pounced on that fact like he would a pathetic runner-up pageant contestant.

Second, SCROTUS attacked Hillary for contracting pneumonia. You know, cuz what kind of weak chump contracts an airborne illness? BUT he attacked her knowing FULL well he faked a doctor’s note supporting his own (laughable) health. Not that we should be surprised, he made fun of a special needs, physically-impaired reporter. What kind of schmuck has arthrogryposis?! That reporter was clearly just asking for it. *eye roll*

Third, I don’t want to use the term “cut-throat” because I feel like that’s too strong for the pussy bullshit SCROTUS will do to win, but the sentiment is there: throw everyone and everything under the bus, the ends justify the means. Facts are no longer facts, there are alternative facts. SCROTUS believes he’s perfectly healthy, so he must be perfectly healthy, so who cares who said it? It’s all true fact, not alternative facts, but real facts. He’s healthy cuz he said so, case closed. The End.

So perhaps surprise shouldn’t be on the agenda based on the actions of SCROTUS, and all of them being par for the snake hole course, but I would think outrage should still be a viable option. Yet, so far, it was just another blip on the “Shit Trump Lied About” radar.


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