Everything still sucks – selling a house, The City of Atlanta, Trump….

Questioning and disagreeing with the current regime is so passé. Kidding, it’s not, but still, the dead horse “lives” so I tried to let some time pass, hoping that things would change, maybe get better or at least quieter. No dice.

I want to begin by addressing what I am NOT going to get into: Wolfe and her jokes at the White House correspondence dinner. If you support a guy who called a woman a fat pig, said he sexually attacks women (and you should too), whos support shirt read “fuck your feelings” and believe “triggering snowflakes” and their libtard butthurt issues was a great thing, you have ZERO and I repeat ZERO ground to stand on that she called out about a million truths about the entire presidency, his friends/cabinet members, and whatever buddy of a friend he gave a job to that he had no business doing so. ZERO.

I want to say that the hack that took down the City of Atlanta is just bullshit. On March 22, about a week after my last blog, a virus went ballistic on every department in the city of Atlanta- police, watershed, municipal court, everyone. The hackers demanded $51k payable in bitcoin. I can guarantee you there were employees in Atlanta googling what bitcoin was and how to get it, some probably wondered if they could go into their local bank to get some. Anyway, there were a few issues not directly highlighted in my opinion so I’m presenting them here (because it’s my blog so fuck you). First, IT went to the City Council and told them there were viruses, multiple viruses, on the city’s server and something needs to be done. They ignored him. Second, IT went to the City Council TWICE and got shut down each time. This is not and was not an IT problem. Third, the current mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, was council president when these problems were presented so she doesn’t get some sort of free pass to say she walked in on the mess the previous mayor left behind. Fourth, while we’re on the subject of the current mayor- instead of paying $51k ransom and getting everyone up and running with a week or two, she is now spending MILLIONS to rectify the situation. I’d guess close to $10m before all is said and done. Now, before you all get all “don’t negotiate with terrorists” or “You wouldn’t get your stuff back!” let me drop some criminal law knowledge on you: If you hold something for ransom, and never keep your end of the bargain, no one will negotiate with you again. This group has allegedly made BILLIONS with these cheap and quick ransoms- they hit up public entities that can’t really afford to be “offline” like cities, universities, hospitals; then ask for a small amount which usually gets paid, and then give all the stuff back. If they never gave stuff back, or gave it back with problems, that’s the end of the game. No one will ever pay, citing previous broken deals with other entities. Second, are they terrorists? It’s debatable. Is negotiating with terrorists the worst thing to happen? Not by a long shot. But this whole situation gets more fun when you do more research on it: the city of Charlotte, the banking capital of the US, still isn’t back up and running after they refused to pay. The Colorado Department of Transportation didn’t pay, rebuilt their stuff, and the hackers hit them AGAIN to show they still didn’t know who they were dealing with or what they were doing. A small city outside of Birmingham, Alabama negotiated their ransom down to about $8k, got their stuff back like nothing more happened than a long holiday weekend. So maybe I’ve managed to change your mind and you’re thinking, “OKAY! Go pay! Start a go fund me!” it’s too late. The hackers gave the city one week to pay and then all bets were off. So the city is in one deep hole that the mayor is hoping she can buy her way out of. I’m guessing the citizens and the employees are the ones who are going to suffer the most.

On a personal note, I sold my old house to the absolute worst person with the worst lender in the history of mankind. The woman wanted me to put weather stripping on the attic stairs, among other things. Originally she wanted everything from the inspection report- including burned out lightbulbs- fixed. My realtor, and her realtor, explained that’s not gonna happen. Ever. She even wanted the garage cleaned. ITS A GARAGE. You store a car in it! It doesn’t need to be spotless. On the way to the closing she was sending pictures of all the stuff she wanted removed from the house- the box with the instructions on the garage door opener, extra screens for the windows, the box from AT&T that provides internet (which I explained she either needs to keep or return to AT&T), etc. Then the lender kept trying to push the closing date, and one reason given, I shit you not, was Confederate Memorial Day. First of all, that’s a fake BS holiday and we all fucking know it. Second, you’re a bank, you know all the BS holidays that make businesses close down during work weeks so don’t tell me this shit that it threw you off. Third, you didn’t just get this deal yesterday- we’ve been in negotiations since February. Bite me. All of you. I may never move again.

Moving on to the big dead elephant horse in the room: Trump. Today, about 40 questions that Special Counsel Mueller is going to ask Trump. I just want to begin by stating that giving a defendant a copy of questions ahead of time isn’t unheard of in the legal world. Often times, attorneys for both sides will ask questions of each other that will be later asked again in either depositions or at trial. Furthermore, this is just an informal interview, not any type of formal legal proceeding. But let’s get to the dirt.

Mueller is showing some badass lawyer skills with these questions, because he’s referencing evidence not yet made public. This means he’s basically telling Trump “I know, and you know, and now you know that I know so… whatcha gonna do?” It’s basically like a good poker game, which in my opinion, all good legal battles are.

Personally, I enjoyed reading the L.A. Times article “The Seven most intriguing questions Robert Mueller wants to ask Trump” and you can read it here: Mueller’s Top 7 Questions. I highly encourage you to do so because it shows Mueller’s pointed questions regarding places, people, and timelines and juxtaposes it against Trumps own previous stories of who, what, when, and where.

There’s also an “opinion” piece if you will by Slate. I put opinion in quotes because it’s actually backed by direct quotes but Slate has a left slant so I used quotes to be safe.

Trump Fox & Friends Interview

Also, it’s subtitled “How the president may have incriminated himself during his latest TV appearance.” And yes, that makes me smile. Read it all yourself, but here is what I think is the most important part:

Trump’s statement that Cohen had handled a “tiny, tiny little fraction” of his legal work and was more “a businessman” than a full-time lawyer was, within hours, cited in a legal filing by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York as evidence that Cohen’s claims of attorney-client privilege for materials seized in FBI raids had been overly broad.

In case that was a lot of legalese to you, please allow me to translate. Cohen was all “Um no, FBI, you can’t take my stuff on Trump because it’s all attorney client privilege! :p suck on that!” Trump says on NATIONAL (Republican) television: “He’s barely my attorney, more of a friend.” The prosecutors in the S.D. of NY went “Ohhhhhh really? Then we can pick up way more docs than we previously though because apparently only a tiny, tiny fraction is actually protected.”

(BTW, not everything is covered by attorney-client privilege. Like all other rights, it is not an absolute and there are exceptions.) but…

WAY TO SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT! That deserves some sort of award, like “most backfired interview” or something.

If you haven’t had your fill of Trump: the lying liar and the lies he’s told, head over to PolitiFact and check out all the lies from his rally in Michigan: A few more of Trumps lies and half-truths

I was gonna discuss Trump taking credit for the peace agreement between North and South Korea, and why I think North Korea is really caving (and it doesn’t have shit to do with diplomacy or playing nice with others) but that’s all the Trump my stomach can handle for now.

So enough about Trump, let’s talk about Pence. Pence gave a speech at the NRA convention, where guns were banned. Can we just break down the multiple ironies in that one sentence? The NRA- the National RIFLE association- told its OWN gun-loving members not to bring weapons to an NRA event. Evidently, the VP was giving the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action’s leadership forum keynote address.  Now, I understand why the Secret Service doesn’t want weapons around someone they’re sworn to take a bullet for, I really do. That’s just extra job stress that can be prevented and being a member of the Secret Service is not an easy job, I’ve read up on it.

Anyway, one of a Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS students (where the latest major school shooting disaster was in Parkland, FL) was like wait- they don’t want to protect student but they’ll protect the people who sell guns and make it legal for them to sell guns? Well, yeah, kid- are you new in town?  ‘Merka!

A parent of a shooting victim made this point on Twitter: “According to the NRA, we should want everyone to have weapons when we are in public. But when they put on a convention, the weapons are a concern? I thought giving everyone a gun was to enhance safety. Am I missing something?” Personally, I don’t think he is.

However, I am glad to say that not all Republicans are this dumb:

Members of a Texas gun rights advocacy group called Texas CHL posted concerns to an online forum.

“If I was a [democrat], I’d have a field day with this,” one member wrote. “Obviously even republicans and so called leaders don’t trust the ‘good guys.’ I realize it’s the VP, but still makes our whole argument look foolish. You may disagree…but in my opinion the very people that claim to protect the 2A should never host an event that requires disarming the good guys. Sad. No excuses for this…it makes us look stupid.

Here’s the bigger and more important picture in my opinion: If you accept that protecting the VP is more important than protecting children trying to get an education, you are part of the problem. Don’t tell me that children are our future, or that education is a top priority when you’re okay with everyone and their cousin carrying guns EXCEPT when trying to protect someone who is not a child. That’s backwards. You protect children first, not last. You don’t weigh them against other people or interests to determine whose safety is more important. Innocent children in a school are most important. Yes, more important than your right to own a stock bump or an AR-15 for any number of dumb reasons you can come up with.

I recently read an article in Vogue because it featured Amal Clooney who is my hero. She’s a bad ass international lawyer and I wish I was half as smart as she is. Anyway, a point that she made about gun violence in America recently can be summed as this: Every country in the world has violent shows/video games/ music, and mental health issues- but only America has a gun problem. When will America see that the countries who have banned guns- like Australia -realize what has been successful elsewhere can also be successful here?

I’ve read the opinions about why Australia’s all out ban won’t work here, but it’s not convincing in light of all the innocent dead lying around this country. At least in my opinion.

Salvage the day, LAFs.

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