1 month til taxes & how the govt is actually screwing you- it’s not what you think

Yeah, you’re right, generally taxes suck. Doing your taxes is considered a nightmare.

I’m of the position that I don’t want to lend the government money and then get it back later, but I also hate paying. My dad always tried to be within a few hundred bucks of owing/refunding, and generally (he says) was able to pull it off. #goals

So how long does it take you to do taxes? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months?

Did you use Turbo Tax/Intuit, or H&R Block?

(For the record, I used H&R Block many years ago and they royally screwed me and wouldn’t fix it and I hope they die)

But here’s a non-first person story about why YOU should hate H&R Bloc and Intuit/ turbo tax, etc. You should already know why to hate the government.

What if I told you that the government could do your taxes, all you would have to do is give it once-over, and it would cost you nothing? What if I told you governments across the globe already do this? What if I told you our government has tried but keeps getting bought out? Surprised yet?

You probably shouldn’t be at this point but it’s all true.

Tax people Lobby to Stop Free Return Filing

Presidents Reagan and Obama both introduced what’s commonly referred to as “return free filing.” Senator (and personal hero) Elizabeth Warren has also introduced the bill. Spain, Denmark, and Sweden already do it. Your income is already reported to the government by your job, and your bank already reports your need-to-know info to the government. So why do we have to spend time and money reporting the exact same information?

Well, because Intuit has spent about $11.5 MILLION over the last five years to make sure that shit never sees the light of day.

That’s a ton of money. But guess how much money we could save if we overcame that lobby funding? Estimates are 225 MILLION man hours, and $2 BILLION.

Here’s how Intuit sees the math, however: about 25 million people used their tax program which totals about $4.2 Billion.

Here’s another kicker: It’s all voluntary. If you don’t trust the government do your taxes properly for you, then don’t. Hire your own accountant or purchase a program like Turbo Tax.

Beyond that, not everyone would qualify for return free filing. If you have a lot of complicated issues (deductions, itemizations, credits) the government isn’t going to do all that heavy lifting (Duh, it’s the government).

All that crap may not even be the worst of it. There’s a bullcrap group called the Free File Alliance. What is the Free File Alliance? It’s basically a front group for H&R Block and Turbo Tax masquerading as a public interest group. As long as the Free file Alliance exists, free file returns won’t. The Free File Alliance basically just markets paid products to anyone who attempts to file for free.

More reading to free your mind (and maybe your money)

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