Piss on Trumps Parade

Trump’s Parade set for Veteran’s Day

First of all, I thought we had squashed this idea, remember? All that hullabaloo about how only dictators need shows of power and how it wasn’t going to be about the military but instead it was going to be about people in the military being forced to salute SCROTUS? Pretty we, as the general public (yes even Republicans) boo-ed this idea.

NPR says SCROTUS felt “inspired” by Bastille Day because he was in France when they had their celebration. Perhaps, once again, someone should inform SCROTUS that Bastille day was all about freeing the wrongly accused and taking down tyranny by force. You know, eliminating the bourgeoisie and all that? Bourgeoisie is Marxist French for “wealthy.” (Actually I’m fluent in French but wealthy is close enough)

What are the odds if we tell SCROTUS that hey, that parade that made you feel inspired was all about taking down you and your wealthy friends that he’d be like “oh never mind?” None, right? He could totally use a good history lesson (more on that in the next post).

So now instead of making it all about himself his team of evil has framed it as a Veteran’s Day celebration. I’m not a veteran so I can’t say how they feel, but I would think I’d be offended because I know it’s actually not about service to my country but about the petulant child who keeps throwing tantrums when shit turns out to not be about him. How do I know it’s not about service to the country? Because he’s starting it from the REVOLUTIONARY WAR on. No one is alive from that war. Or the one after. Or the one after that. So why would he reach so far back? SO THE PARADE IS LONGER.

Also, he’s pulling out the tanks because he says they would damage the already very potholed D.C. streets. Right, that’s why. Not because everyone already said fuck that noise.

How much will this congratulatory self-pat on the back cost us? Estimates are wide ranging, from $3million to $50 million. Pretty sure all that money could be used to re-establish all the necessary programs SCROTUS cut: medicaid, meals on wheels, national parks….

Here’s the bullshit press release:

“By potentially tying the parade to the 100th anniversary of the end of the ‘War To End All Wars,’ there may be an effort to associate with the tradition of celebrating war victories and avoid associations with countries like North Korea, China and Russia, which regularly hold military parades, in part for the propaganda value.

“Members of Congress from both parties have been critical of the idea of a military parade, questioning its cost and necessity.”

The memo says the parade will begin at the White House and proceed to the U.S. Capitol, with a “heavy air component at the end.” It notes that Trump will be surrounded by military heroes in the reviewing area at the Capitol.

You can actually read the memo in its entirety by clicking on the link at the top of this blog.

This makes my stomach hurt. Here’s the silver lining:

The parade happens AFTER midterm elections. What could be better than voting the absolute fucking living shit out of the republicans DAYS before his circle jerk in the name of veterans?

Just sayin.

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