Flint, MI, Puerto Rico, and others that have been forgotten

I know, there’s just so much awful going on it’s almost hard to keep track of what’s been done, what’s been fixed, what hasn’t, and maybe what won’t.

Here’s your depressing link for the week (or longer)

Lead in Children’s Blood in Flint

Just in case you thought that problem had been squashed, it hasn’t. There is a state of emergency in a U.S. city and state because lead has contaminated children’s blood. Sounds more third world than U.S. but alas, it’s true. (By the way, more on the U.S. now being seen as a third world country to come in a future blog)

Here’s about the best summary I can give on the current state of affairs

“For more than 18 months, state and local government officials ignored irrefutable evidence that the water pumped from the Flint River exposed [residents] to extreme toxicity,” the complaint reads. “The deliberately false denials about the safety of the Flint River water was as deadly as it was arrogant.”

Calling officials’ conduct “so egregious and so outrageous that it shocks the conscience,” the complaint cites the specific experiences of a few plaintiffs and their families, all of whom allege they have been challenged by similar health ailments since high levels of lead and copper entered their bloodstreams.

As an aside, the use of the words egregious, outrageous, and shocking the conscience are special legal terms needed to file certain kinds of lawsuits. Like the kind where you sue the government for poisoning it’s own citizens and then not giving a rat’s ass about the fallout.

Puerto Rico.

I haven’t found an update since January of 2018 but at that time more than 60,000 homes were still without roofs, 2.3 million people live in areas at risk of water contamination, and 15.5% of the population still lacks electricity.

All I can do is shake my head and wonder where compassion went to die. I’d like to visit its grave.

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