More Deportation of LEGAL Citizens

If you Google “ICE deports American Citizens” you’ll end up with approximately 1.2 millions results. Not one of them is an apology, nor is it a heartwarming tale of how ICE attempted to deport a US Citizen and “accidentally” ended up deporting a drug kingpin.

You will find, however, an untold amount of tales of heartbreak, of families being torn apart, and, if you read the comments, of blatant racism. Quite frankly, I can’t decide which hurts me more: that my government is so inept it just uses color of skin or ethnicity of last name to determine if you’re an immigrant or if so many bigots support such outlandish disasters.

Many people heard how the US tried to Make America Great Again by deporting a guy who was here for decades, paid taxes, worked with ICE, attempted to get a green card and got shipped “back” to a country he hadn’t been in for three decades. You may have also heard that Jimmy Kimmel brought a DACA (“dreamer”) family into the home of Trump supporters who claimed to be loving, tolerant citizens who wanted the woman and her enlisted engineer husband to be deported back to a country they can’t ever recall being in.

This morning, ICE detained a Kansas chemistry professor who has lived LEGALLY in the US for 30 years, started a family, dedicated his professional career to public education, coaches youth sports, and hasn’t had a legal problem in, well, ever. Oh and he’s not even “Mexican.” He came from Bangladesh LEGALLY on a student visa. A JUDGE, as in a legal authority with the ability to do these kinds of things, said as long as the professor checked in regularly there’s no issue regarding his LEGAL status as a citizen. It was left to prosecutorial discretion and that check just got cashed. He’s 55, and Bangladesh isn’t a “shithole” like perhaps some other countries SCROTUS has mentioned, but it’s not like he’ll return to a warm reception and have social services offer him a job or retirement.

That sucks enough, but what upset me more is the comments on this particular Facebook post. Evidently too many people opted to either not read the article or not understand the article. A small sample:

  • Did he come here illegally? Why in 30 years didn’t he apply for citizenship? Enough said.
  • What part of ILLEGAL does a so-called professor not understand? [So-called? Ring a bell??]
  • Cry me a river!! Throw him out!!!
  • By [sic] by [sic]
  • He had 30 years to become legal… 30 freaking years !!!
  • People can’t mind their business, we need to rewind the Columbian exchange all over again. Send those animals back overseas. Maybe that may humble a lot of people.
  • Had 30 years to become a us citizens his 5 siblings did he had time to become a chemistry teacher he had more than enough time to become a citizen. We better get used to the leftist media posting these stories since the laws are actually being enforced [sic… the whole thing just sic]
  • We pay the border patrol to do one thing, that’s to prevent trespassing from foreigners. After 10 years if an illegal hasn’t got caught, they automatically win citizenship. [I can only assume he doesn’t know where Bangladesh is]

Clearly these fools aren’t educated enough to teach anything, let alone college chemistry so it’s not like he’s taking their jobs. I hope they don’t coach youth sports or run for a school board position. Further, I kinda hope they haven’t had children, either.

The laws are actually being enforced? Didn’t I just blog about how SCROTUS is actually ignoring most of the laws? Remember that ban he had that failed miserably- TWICE- because it was RACIST?! Rage…. building…

I know you can’t beat the stupid out of people sometimes, I really want to just try that experiment for myself.

[If you don’t know what the Columbian Exchange is- don’t feel bad. This was way back in the 15th and 16th centuries, when the world had been recently discovered as round and not flat. People were exchanging goods over the high seas like an old school Ebay: animals, plants, culture, clothes, ideas, and people. Of course this also led to the African Slave Trade, and the exchange of disease. Anyway, I can’t personally think of a more racist and ill-placed remark than that above regarding a Bangladesh chemistry professor but what do I know).

One thought on “More Deportation of LEGAL Citizens

  1. Sometimes technology is a pain and tells you something is posted, but poof, it’s not really there. So let’s try this again: Or the Polish doctor who has lived here legally for 40 years. They found he had committed some misdemeanors in his teens. But are just now using that as an excuse to potentially deport this father and doctor, also not from a ‘shithole’ country, and he’s not even a person of color, so now they’re really digging. But maybe that’s the problem, these men are intelligent. And like the Russians did to the Poles in WWII with the Katyn massacre, the government doesn’t want intellectuals who can question their authority. So start with the easy ones and ones that can’t be bought, ones they can get out of the country with a flimsy excuse. I don’t foresee this attitude changing, especially when you watch late night shows and news reports that interview people like the ones in the aforementioned Jimmy Kimmel skit. As long as that attitude prevails and 45 is in office, even with a 37% rating. He will get his way and these deportations and the slide to a 2nd world country will continue. Being a year into his ‘presidency’, and the continued rumors of impeachment, I’m not holding my breath that that is going to happen. And the we’ll flip the country at midterms in 2018, well it’s 2018, not really seeing anything happening other than talk.


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