Omarosa taped WH conversations- allegedly

Schadenfreude. Potentially.

First, if you don’t know, Omarosa is a freakshow. God bless her. She was on a tRumps reality show, no less than three times, and was a backstabber each time. tRump loved that about her (try to act surprised). Then tRump gives her a fake job like “educator on black lives to the president.” She claims, in not so many words, she finally realized tRumps a racist (did I mention she was slow?) and quit. There are rumors about her being loud and escorted off the premises. I wouldn’t doubt it.

A “source” says that Omarosa constantly records and uses voice notes on her phone. Evidently, this bad habit is what led to a WH ban on staffers personal cell phones… oh, the irony. The SCROTUS who can’t stop tweeting puts a ban on personal cell phones.

Nasty habits aside, the same source alleges Omarosa was terrified of becoming part of Mueller’s probe and that’s why she recorded conversations. She’s allegedly already talked to a few attorneys about what to do now. At least she was smart about that part.

I could take this moment to let you know about rules about recording conversations and things made in preparation of litigation, but for now, let’s just hope she really did record some juicy bits that we’ll all get to hear later.

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