Rose Parade Parody that idiots thought was real

Todays blog was supposed to be an anti-tRump wet dream based on the awesome news I read this morning: presidential malpractice, Roy Moore’s jewish lawyer hates Moore, the shiny red button that doesn’t exist that caused a pissing contest, Steve Bannon calls Trump Jr treasonous and waits for him to be broken on live TV, Orin Hatch retiring… hell, I was even going to takea  jab at the new Mayor of Atlanta’s inauguration speech.

Then I read that people can’t tell the difference between reality and parody. It was then I knew we were sunk as a society fighting to move forward. I mean, it does tend to explain how tRump got elected (fantasy vs. reality).

Here are the best of the idiots complaints as reported by Amazon and MSN:

“The hosts were awful not giving any facts about the floats or commenting on wat we were seeing. Instead they were harassing Tim Meadows about his time on Saturday Night Live (something he told them clearly on two separate occasions that he didn’t want to discuss).” – Mariel Ralston

“Horrible. I wanted to hear one of the local bands, but the unfunny hoses were babbling some nonsense about omega-3s and salmon…what? It wasn’t funny, it was idiots babbling to hear themselves talk. Who are these hosts? Even more telling, when the pony rescue came by dressed in steampunk style, they made fun of them and said ‘What’s steampunk? I have no idea and am not sure I want to know.’ Really? How out of touch are these unfunny fossils?” – Winterlynx

“I love the Rose Parade, but this was the worse hosting that I have ever seen. I turned it off. Cord got too personal and was rude and even cut one of the co-hosts off and dug into an old girlfriend. He should be fired! I tuned in to watch the parade not listen to someone’s rudeness and personal garbage.” – Justthefax

“The inane conversation, the totally inappropriate comments about the floats and officials, and the extremely poor coverage of the actual parade were very disappointing. I guess I was expecting something like HGTV’s coverage….watching this live stream we missed several of the more interesting floats because the commentators were babbling about nonsense… never again will I watch the parade on Amazon…very, very, very disappointed!” – David A. Garrison

“Disappointed!! I was really excited to see this!! And was let down by the stupid, continued banter, back and forth about nothing. Cord ruined it for me!! He is annoying, not funny, and never stops. I was hoping to see more floats!! As we were watching they would have the shot on Cord & Tish, talking about nothing, and behind them floats going by. It was really hard to watch with my kids. We ended up putting it in silent, just to try watching. Disappointed!!!!” – AK7272

Maybe they couldn’t tell on their laptops that Cord and Tish were Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon.

If you thought that was real, then I can bet you voted for tRump. You’ll just fall for anything or anyone masquerading as truth- from the president to a comedian.

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