tRump and “everything”

First, I have some amazingly awesomely spectacular friends. I don’t have many friends, I know a lot of people, but if I find you to be my kind of crazy/cool, you’re a friend and that makes you awesome.  Second, my friends tend to hate the same things I hate (everything) often with the same frequency (all the time) and passion (full rage ahead) I do. That’s why we’re friends.

(On the flipside I have some friends that are my exact opposite- those crazy sunshine-y happy optimistics that keep me from full on homicidal rage and I appreciate them as well.)

Today we focus on the first group. My friend Annette, whom I’ve known since freshman year of high school, wrote simply “Everything” about another part of our lives tRump (thanks Patrick) has reached in to ruin. To be more specific, tRump’s admin just said “USDA Organic” animals don’t need to be treated more humanely than regular farm animals. Well, this is the guy who said endangered species are fine and we don’t need to protect them so why the hell would he give protection to chickens? To quote Annette’s friend, “Everything he touches gets ruined.” Hard to find a good come back to that solid piece of truth.

But as always, there’s more.

You may have heard about the horrible train wreck in Washington state. It was the maiden voyage of a commuter train between Portland and Seattle. It was doing an estimated 80 mph in a 30 mph when 13 of its 14 cars were hurled off an overpass down onto rush hour traffic underneath, killing three and injuring more than 100. That is the definition of a tragedy.

tRump uses said tragedy to push an alleged (he calls it “soon to be submitted”) infrastructure bill. To be fair, first he tweeted prayers and thoughts to those involved, and praises first responders. An hour later he talks about his important soon to be submitted infrastructure bill and the need to get it passed quickly. Does this really require further discussion? The man exploited a tragedy to push support for something that hasn’t even happened yet.

The tax bill. I have yet to find someone who is benefitting from this nonsense. Actually, allow me to rephrase. I have seen on the news and read the stories about those who stand to gain, and I know of no one who seems to fit into those tiny little niches the bill creates. The people I know are about to get royally hosed. My BFF Margaret tried to put her sarcastic spin on it by telling me I get some more money. I asked when it was I bought a private jet- cuz that’s a deduction now. But my mom, the teacher, can’t write off any of the thousands she spends to supply her kids with pens, pencils, paper, etc. Seems legit.

But here’s some real comedy: Matthew Petersen. There’s a fine line between tragedy and comedy and usually the line is whether it’s happening to you or someone else. If it’s happening to you it’s a tragedy, if its happening to someone else its comedy. Matthew Petersen is my comedy cuz it ain’t happening to me… yet? tRump nominated this guy who was a commissioner on the Federal Election Commission to be a district court judge. I guess tRump just assumes it’s all the same so who cares? Well, in a shocking turn of events, Congress cares! (As do the American people but since when does government give a shit about us?) Petersen’s interview for the job was not only abysmal (who hasn’t been there?), but thanks to television and social media it went viral. I got a lot of lawyer jokes based on that fools two minutes of failure. He had never tried a trial, couldn’t answer questions about the Federal Rules of Evidence, and had never been in a deposition. By the end of the unintentional equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition I bet he couldn’t even spell deposition. He withdrew his nomination and told tRump it was his “two worst minutes on television.” Well, yeah, that’s what happens when you’re not qualified and get called out on it in public. I think this is the third nominee that’s withdrew their candidacy after being called out for being incompetent. Of course, how Betsey DeVos got through is beyond me.

I can’t understand why tRump hasn’t addressed the Libyan slave trade. I guess maybe it’s not the glamorous part of being rich and famous so fuck it. THEY ARE SELLING HUMAN BEINGS. Fuck Mar A Lago and do your job! You’re supposed to be the leader of the FREE WORLD man, act like it. Americans, the people of the same country that gave you that job, have already decided slavery is bad. We had a huge bloody war over it. Just because it’s not in our proverbially backyard, doesn’t meant you get to ignore it. FIX IT. Fuck.

The banned words. Does it get more fascist/totalitarian/dictator than that? “Diversity,” “fetus,” “transgender,” “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “science-based” and “evidence-based.” So to be fair, technically the CDC is not “banned” from using those words. What’s going is actually worse. Basically, the government told the CDC “this is how you dance for your money.  You want grant money? You want funds for your budget? You want someone to foot the bill on that project? These are the words we don’t like to see in all that paperwork.” Here’s what’s even more “1984” about the whole thing- the CDC had to tell the news, or no one would have been any wiser about it. So what else don’t we know about? Who else didn’t come forward when the government used it’s purse strings to make an agency puppet dance?

Net Neutrality. Several Attorney Generals of various states have threatened to sue, like they always do but nothing ever happens. Here’s a brief history according to CNN:

In 2008, when George W. Bush was president, the FCC ordered Comcast (CMCSA) to stop slowing its customers’ speeds when downloading massive files from BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file transfer service and haven for pirated movies. Comcast sued to block the FCC’s order and the courts ruled in Comcast’s favor.

During the Obama’ administration, the FCC tried three times to implement net neutrality regulations. The courts blocked the first two attempts, but the FCC ultimately succeeded in 2015 by labeling broadband a utility — a legal classification that provided the FCC broader oversight powers.

If the states’ lawsuits don’t amount to anything, a new law might. Chuck Schumer, the top Democrat in the Senate, called on Congress to pass a bipartisan bill protecting a fair and open internet.

Remember BitTorrent? I miss Napster. Yeah I’m old.

Anyway… here’s the potential for bad:

Net neutrality advocates fear that the FCC created open season for broadband companies to cut deals with content providers. For example, Verizon could soon legally charge Netflix to speed up its service on the FiOS network, leaving rivals Amazon and Hulu with slower speeds.

The nation’s largest broadband providers swear that’s not going to happen. They have all said they remain committed to upholding net neutrality principles despite Thursday’s FCC decision.

Comcast has long stated that it supports net neutrality, though advocates noted that the company substantially pared back its open internet website on Thursday after the FCC repealed its regulations.

I don’t know about you, but OF COURSE I take all large faceless corporations at their word when they “swear” something will or won’t happen. And we all know how awesome government intervention is for free market and regular joes. Cue the eye roll.

The tRump administration takes down WH petition website after failing to respond to a single petition. You know, cuz fuck what the American people want. He’s voted in, that’s all he needs to know. It says it’s down for maintenance until January and everything has been preserved and will go up exactly like it came down. Sure. here’s the underlying problem no one’s seemingly addressing: any petition with over 100,000 is required to be addressed by the administration. tRump hasn’t answered a single one. The administration says he’ll address this in January. I don’t think he will because almost all of those petitions are asking him to resign, disclose his tax returns, and generally tell him to take his misogyny and go home.

That’s about all the rage I can spew today.

Always question authority, kids.

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