Stop it. Just stop it.

I gotta keep this short, more to come later but obviously I haven’t posted in a while. It’s just too hard to keep up with the pile of raw sewage that keeps dumping down the pipe when you’re proverbially standing underneath it. Someone needs to tell Die Furher Drumpf (aka SCROTUS) about civics and government in the United States. I’m tired of him shitting on everything or making an executive order to make it seem like it’s okay. He’s taking credit for shit he hasn’t done (and sometimes shit he has but probably shouldn’t take credit for it because you know ITS OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE). The grey area about shrinking the national parks is mind-blowing. He is currently stumping for a pedophile in Alabama, and people are buying it up because “who cares if he’s a pedophile, he’s a republican!” No, jerkasses, you got it backwards. Who cares if he’s a republican he’s a PEDOPHILE.

And if someone can explain why certain powerful dickholes can’t keep it in their pants for a few hours a day, I’d be most grateful.

I got my own shit going on, holidays always bring out the crazy, and I’m giving a domestic violence presentation because apparently it is uber necessary these days.


More to come if I can keep my wits about me.

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