You say you want a (new) Constitution?

The Koch Brothers Want A New Constitution — And They’re Closer Than You Think

*sigh* When  evil has too much money…

first, if you don’t know who the Koch brother are, you need to. These dickholes are basically running your life and you don’t even know it. Now they want to politically take their ball and go home by destroying the U.S. Constitution so they can get their way. Or as the article says more politely: “a project by Citizens for Self-Government, a nonprofit that doesn’t disclose its donors and has a variety of connections to David and Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist brothers whose eponymous company is one of the country’s worst polluters and who have become synonymous with both overt and covert political spending in pursuit of limited government.”

The last time this occurred: 1787. As in, over 200 years ago, or right after our country started. Now I have posted previously that perhaps a total make over of the federal government is necessary at this point, just trash it all and start over. That’s exactly what happened last time: Delegates tore up the Articles of Confederation they had convened to improve, and produced a whole new governing document.

“I think it is very possible,” David Super, a law professor at Georgetown Law, told IBT.  “It’s a very real threat.”

By using what Super calls “fuzzy math,” advocates of the effort say they are actually on the cusp of success. Article V advocates note that many states have called for conventions in decades and even centuries past. When counting those states, the total number of states calling for a constitutional convention is at 27. As Super points out, given that Republicans control Congress, the Executive and the legislatures in 32 states, it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where the “fuzzy math” is enough. If that happens and a convention is convened, Super warns, there would be no enforceable mechanism that would ensure delegates stick to the amendments they were called upon to consider, making a “runaway convention” possible.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that provides for a limited purpose convention,” Super told IBT. There is precedent that suggests officials selected by the states become federal officials once they take office, and can’t be recalled by the states if they deviate from their stated objective, as convention proponents have argued. And, Super argued, the Supreme Court has largely established that it rules within the confines of the Constitution, so a convention would be outside of its jurisdiction.

“There is absolutely no referee,” Super said. This could open up the convention to a flood of special interest money. And there is no rule stating the convention would have to be open to the public. “We wouldn’t know if everybody with big money was working over the delegates… There are absolutely no rules at all.”

I think history has taught us that the Wild Wild West and Law and Order are not compatible. But, you know, those who do not learn from history….

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