Making stupid people famous

My friend posted something on Facebook that basically said STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS. I thought to myself I would love to but my country ’tis of thee decided to elect an inept reality celebutard president. Some of our biggest “celebrities” are reality stars with little to no brains. I watched the first season of American Idol to see who the tone deaf tree frogs would be. Not quite as bad as promoting stupidity but in the same vein.

What is it about stupid people that fascinates us so? It probably feeds into our moral superiority and helps keep our rage in check. It’s a good barometer of where we think we fit in with society a la “At least I’m not THAT bad!” We also get to take focus off our own hot mess life and watch someone else deal with a first world problem. I know when I watch “dumb” television its simply because my brain is fried from work and I can’t fathom trying to follow a plot. I think the best explanation I’ve heard, though, is that smart people do not want to be famous. They know it entails a certain lifestyle, certain rules, certain obligations. They can’t live the life they have become accustomed to if they are trying to live the life society dictates they should. And, of course, let’s not forget that if you fail to play along with celebrity rules, social media and their television counterparts will crucify you.

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