The Dead Horse that is Dell

Seriously I swear to you Loyal Angry Followers I will move on.

Every few days a get an email from the fucktards that are Dell telling me my part is on back order, it will arrive in the next few days, and then they will send my laptop back to me. Remember the good old days when mechanics would do that with your car? And yes, I am aware that it is not kosher to end any word at all ever in “tard” but if the fucktard fits…

So today my other piece of awesome electronics (my iPhone, the one with the battery disease that makes it die randomly around 30% some of the time) told me I had shit for storage so I said, no prob. I will take some of these photos and put them on my external hard drive for safe keeping until my POS Dell returns to me. I load up the world’s second slowest laptop (I also own the first slowest) and try to upload the photos but for reasons I can’t comprehend my current laptop and my phone don’t see the same set of photos. I restarted. I plugged, unplugged, re-plugged. Nothing. So now do I delete photos and hope that when my precious Dell is returned to me the photos have been saved on there? Or do I hold on and hope that no more magic Kodak moments occur which require me to take a photo? Is there another option I’m missing?

My laptop died officially on December 28th after weeks of keeping on life support as best I could. I sent it into Dell about 3 weeks ago and was told 10 days would be all it would take. Never again, boys and girls. Never. Again.

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