So much rage- Dell and Misogyny

Okay loyal angry followers (LAFs as you shall henceforth be known), I’ve had so much pent up rage that I’m actually blogging at work, something I would NEVER normally do but the alternative of losing my ever loving mind on the job is worse, especially since I love my job.

First, Dell should really consider blowing themselves up so I don’t have to burn them to the ground. My paperweight formerly known as my laptop is being sent back to them (I think in India) so they can finally fix it once and for all and then return it to me. However, I’ve absolutely refused to allow them to reinstall Windows because that would erase my hard drive and their ONE and ONLY JOB is to fix my laptop without making it worse. I know, at this point I’m asking for a miracle. At any rate, the other problem is that not having my laptop has a very large and inconvenient ripple effect. For example, I don’t like to type long messages (blog, email, etc) on my phone. I find it irritating. I want- nay, NEED a keyboard. Further, I am one of those people who has a master password (2 actually) that stores all my passwords for other websites. Like this one. Like the ones to my bank accounts. Like the one to Amazon where I buy way too many books among other things. Should I lose my phone (and I do, I tend to lose things, it’s one of my fun quirks … okay fine, it’s annoying but it’s how I am) I am really and seriously SOL (that’s shit out of luck for you newbies).

Let’s move on to other rage-inducing funness, like MISOGYNY! Hooray!

Feminism is the quite radical idea of equal pay for equal work. That’s it. It’s not about the evolution of gender roles in the work place or the home, it’s not about if you should hold the door open for me or pay for my dinner on a date, or whether I need other people to stand up for me in an argument (or even a physical fight). It’s just equal pay for equal work. All that other stuff is social construct and political rhetoric.

In the words of Gloria Steinem, if you’re not a feminist you’re a masochist. She also was quoted as saying that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bike, but that was before she got married. I’m not knocking her for getting married, the desire to be wanted by another human being, to mate, to pair up is basic human nature and more power to her. Sorry I’m getting off track. Back to misogyny (file that under “things I never thought I would say”).

Misogyny, for the uninitiated or uneducated, is your basic hatred of women. Also defined as the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. I’d also venture its both conscious and subconscious because I truly believe some people have no idea they secretly have a prejudice against anyone with ovaries.

If you thought the election was a reflection of the general misogyny of the country you’re paying attention but you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. My LAFs, it gets so, so much worse.

I’ll just randomly start with Betsy DeVos. In case you didn’t know, she’s Trump’s pick for the Dept of Education. She openly admits to having zero experience in managing loans during her confirmation hearing, not even herself or her own kids had to have student loans to go through higher education. Zero experience with financial aid, no idea what a Pell Grant is. Betsy gets grilled by Senator (and my personal hero) Elizabeth Warren. What Warren points out to Betsy is that this personal favor of being nominated (Hey Betsy, is it really an honor just to be nominated?) from president Trump means Betsy should be well-acquainted with Trump’s fake university which resulted in a $25m lawsuit pay out (which should have been way more in my humble legal opinion). Betsy knows nothing. If you don’t know about higher education and how to pay for it that’s fine because you’re not up for a cabinet position. So Betsy’s a moron, but that’s not the tale of misogyny I’m weaving here. The hang up, my LAFs, is that Senator Elizabeth Warren was the one grilling her. Not that Betsy flagrantly touted her complete lack of knowledge about higher education and its funding, but that another female was asking the questions. No one has even questioned or criticized the questions asked, only that Senator Elizabeth Warren was asking them and how dare she stop making a sandwich long enough to step out of the kitchen and attempt to protect children trying to get higher education?!!? HOW DARE SHE?!?!?

Sound familiar? It should. Change Betsy to Trump and Warren to Megan Kelly and you have the presidential debates. Of course, Trump was WAY more awful to Megan Kelly because he has zero class but the general hatred of women was obvious. While we’re on the subject….

Trump tweeted to his many, many (uneducated) followers that she was a bimbo, unprofessional, and not very good at her job. But hey, that’s pretty nice compared to the many other hateful sexist comments he’s uttered.

I don’t even want to tell you what they are, but if you’re curious:

And of course, let’s not forget that he believes because he has power and money not only are women totally in to him all the time (my poor stomach churns at the thought) but that sexually assaulting women (an illegal act usually requiring jail time) is totally fine because you’re just showing them how macho and in charge you are. It basically just turns us on more. Hang on, gotta barf.

So our President has not only shown the world that making fun of the disabled makes you hilarious and popular (rage rising) but sexually assaulting a woman is just foreplay. It gets worse…

There was a woman’s march last weekend because, what do you know, women don’t like to be treated as objects or sexually assaulted. It was held in many cities across the United States, and across the globe. If you want more details:

One would think that’s great. Women are marching in solidarity against inequality. But of course, we can’t have nice things so there was a backlash. *Sigh* One would be wrong.

There was a post going around about why some one (or some women) did not support the Womens March. Her name is Brandi Atkinson and she begins by stating she is not a disgrace to women and you can read her masochism elsewhere on the interwebz. I recommend this one:

Ah, misguided self-loathing. At any rate, while I would normally shred her diatribe into digestible reasons she should look up harikari, I just don’t have the time. My rage is better served elsewhere. At least today. May come back to Ms. Atkinson later. Suffice to say for now, just because you may not have registered a comment as sexist, or an experience as misogynistic does not mean the rest of us have not or that a woman’s march is unnecessary. By the way, I’m 99.99% certain you’ve previously encountered gender bias and sexist prejudice and not even realized it.

So other women hate us. The US President hates us. Parts of the world really hate us and prove it by committing genital mutilation, not allowing us to drive or vote, or hold a job, kill you at birth if you have a vagina, and on and on and on.

Name 10 female scientists using only your brain. You know what, just name 5. Do you realize Harriet Tubman *JUST* got a public park named after her? It’s 2017 and we’re just now getting around to realizing hey, she’s kind of important and should have things named after her! Can you name a single female mathematician? Physicist? Nobel prize winner? Bet you can name hundreds of female celebrities- models, actresses, singers, reality show stars. Can you name the first female presidential nominee? Here’s a hint, it wasn’t Clinton.

Okay enough with the feminist history. The point is, society is dividing and it sucks and its only going to get worse for a bit.

But hey, our new electorate has done many other things that should enrage you. Maybe I’ll make another post since I’m way over my average post at this point.

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