Nincompoop PT 2

Preface: My fever finally broke last night, so let’s find out how coherent I am this morning together.

Normally, I don’t respond to every piece of stupidity that crosses my path as I have a living to earn, books to read, people to enjoy life with, etc. In short, I would have no time. Further, I believe whole-heartedly in the quotes about arguing with an idiot, like “never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference” or “they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

I received a nasty comment the other day, which I deleted simply because it had nothing to do with anything other than calling me names. If you have a point and disagree with me, by all means share it, but if you just want to be petty pick a fight after nap time but before recess. I’ll be sure to wait for you in car line with the rest of the adults.

I’m referencing this:

This is a little like holding on to sand, because the original poster still isn’t making a cohesive or coherent point, nor can I defend what Rollins and he are discussing because I didn’t address those exact issues in my response, but the sentiment remained the same.

Poster begins by shaming Rollins for not watching the act (I will admit, I didn’t watch either, because, you know, life and all). I do find it interesting after shaming him for not watching it, the poster then makes a vague reference and asks Rollins to investigate it further… but if Rollins is the lazy oaf you claim him to be, then he won’t investigate and you’ve undermined your own point (I use that term very loosely). I said nothing about the fire brigade or their hoses and who the fuck really cares anyway. Also, when punk died is a discussion I’ve been having with angry friend “Sunshine Steve” for nearly 2 decades. I’m not about to delve into it now with a random Brit hiding behind a fake online screen name.

At least the poster admits how things “seem” instead of how things are, as in reality. I don’t think everything should be sold to the highest bidder, nor do I believe they should be thrown out. Some things should be saved for posterity, as learning tools. I’ve often lamented how I wish I had the foresight to take photographs of seemingly every day objects, scenarios, landscapes, and held on to them to see how things change but alas, I do not. I digress.

I am, by all outward appearances, normal. I have a high-paying government job where I wear suits that cover my tattoos and heels and have my normal blond hair pulled back. You could never tell what I used to look like. Punk was never about the uniform. It was the sentiment. The cause. That’s why I choose to bring down things from the inside. They won’t let you in if you look like a traitor. Trojan horses, people.

Poster goes on to call Rollins names… don’t care…. He calls Rollins out on value as a financial term of art versus its intrinsic value…. doesn’t apply to me… I will say that I did delve into the Bullingdon Club and Boris Johnson- interesting piece of info I was previously unaware of. May have to research into that further. That said, I don’t think it matters where the idea came from. Bad ideas come from otherwise intelligent people and sometimes seemingly awful people can have great ideas. After all, JK Rowling was homeless and dumpster diving when she said, “A boy wizard” and became Oprah-rich nearly overnight. No, I am not saying awful people are homeless or homeless people are awful. I’m saying ideas of all kinds come from everywhere, and it doesn’t matter who at the tourist board decided 40  years of punk rock should be celebrated. Now I kinda wanna go to London. Where’s Sunshine Steve, I know he’ll go with me.

Anyway, while I love the term “Zeitgeist” it actually holds little value as a word in an argument, it’s too esoteric to be useful in my humble opinion. I agree that punk is about more than the music and the uniform, as I said in my previous post (here), it was always about rising up against oppression, real or perceived. In fact, I agree with this entire paragraph by the poster:

It sprang from disorientation, disenchantment and disgust, a violent and expressive revolt against a society that sought to control and ignore. It viewed the establishment with contempt. Contempt for the path mapped out by the arrogant and voracious military industrial complex and the deceit, lies and fake morals of the powers that supported and lead it. It was a reclaiming of dignity and identity. It sought to change and recalibrate. It gave a voice to the disenfranchised, the alienated, the hopeless. It shook the scheme of things. It manifested itself primarily through the arts, but the spirit and ethos was what drove it forward.

Here’s where I again disagree: the poster says it set out to change everything but changed nothing. I can’t even fathom in what world that’s a reality. Punk changed music, clothes, attitude, hairstyles, art, politics… what didn’t it change?  I really don’t see the problem with visiting attractions that teach history, ever. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, yes? So if we do not learn from what the poster says is the chronic and abhorrent exploitation of punk, it will simply happen again, right? How can we learn if you burn the textbooks, exactly?

He calls Rollins the establishment… says Rollins talks the talk but does not walk the walk, I suppose actually touring the world in a punk band doesn’t count?… not my fight…

Poster says poor little rich boy was forced to dress the punk code by his mom at age 9, but also says he did it by choice. Not sure how that works. Is that one of those “you can’t fire me I quit” deals? You hate your childhood, we get it. Most of us do, its why we can’t wait to grow up and get the fuck out of Dodge ASAP. We don’t all burn valuable shit in the process. If I was beaten in front of a Van Gogh every day yeah I’d probably want his work to burn to the ground but realizing that its a Van Gogh and people appreciate that sort of thing means I wouldn’t actually do it. That’s called BEING AN ADULT. A culturally aware, globally-connected adult. Just because I don’t like it, can’t stand it, hate it, want it to burn, doesn’t mean everyone else feels the exact same way and should therefore be taken to task for seeing differently. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the entire essence of punk: seeing things differently.

This harkens back to the Wu Tang fiasco. Once Upon a Time in Shaolin… is an album by the Wu-Tang Clan which was limited to a single copy. It is the most expensive musical work ever sold. One double-CD of the album, which was recorded in secret over six years, was pressed in 2014 and stored in a secured vault at the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. The album was auctioned to the highest bidder through auction house Paddle8 in 2015. A legal agreement with the purchaser states it cannot be commercially exploited until 2103, although it can be released for free or played during listening parties. Owner Martin Shkreli shared the intro and part of one track after Donald Trump became the President-elect, after threatening to destroy the album. For those not in the know, Martin Shkreli is generally regarded as a human piece of shit for raising the cost of one of his HIV drugs from $13 to $750. He can do that, it’s a free market but seriously, that’s some common sense bullshit. He was later arrested for securities fraud.

So Joe aka Poor Little Rick Kid didn’t want to go the way of the Wu Tang and I can get that. However, no offense to Method, Red or RZA- that album ain’t prolific. The Wu Tang clan ain’t nothing to fuck with, but they aren’t a Van Gogh, either.

I’m all for a revolution and a wake up call. If you’re not angry you’re not paying attention, cliche but true. We should absolutely wake people up, I just disagree with the way it was done. I find it funny that the poster asks all to sing from the same music sheet after trying (poorly) to establish a point by attempting (poorly) to tear down Rollins point. It echoes of Jerry Springer: “I hate him and he dumped me so I’m going to have his baby so he has to stay with me forever.” Wait, what? Do you want us all on the same page or do you want to go out swinging? Also funny- did we hear about Standing Rock and our own US Presidential election? Yeah, sometimes the local news does pop up. *eye roll*

If every purchase is a vote, then why burn what you are selling? I can’t vote for what doesn’t exist.

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