“I think he’s a nincompoop” says Sex Pistols bassist



Fashion designer’s son burns £5m of punk memorabilia in protest

Joe Corre, son of Malcolm McLaren and Dame Vivienne Westwood, says punk is being used to “sell you something you don’t need”.

The son of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood has set fire to millions of pounds worth of punk memorabilia, saying punk “has become another marketing tool”.

Joe Corre torched a chest containing clothes, posters and other items belonging to him on a boat on the River Thames in London’s Chelsea.

There were also effigies of politicians including former prime minister David Cameron and current PM Theresa May loaded with fireworks.

Dame Vivienne was among those gathered on the bank to watch as the memorabilia – said to be worth £5m – burnt and fireworks rose into the sky.

A fire service boat helped to extinguish the flames.

Corre, who founded lingerie company Agent Provocateur, told the crowd: “Punk was never, never meant to be nostalgic – and you can’t learn how to be one at a Museum of London workshop.

“Punk has become another marketing tool to sell you something you don’t need.

“The illusion of an alternative choice. Conformity in another uniform.”

He had previously said he was angered by Punk London – a year of events looking back at 40 years of punk heritage.

The plans include talks, films and gigs, supported by partners including the Mayor of London, British Library and the British Film Institute.

Corre had said he wanted to highlight “the hypocrisy at the core of this hijacking of 40 years of Anarchy in the UK”.

He also warned of the dangers of climate change, with a banner on the boat reading: “Extinction! Your future”.

Dame Vivienne called for more people to adopt green energy, saying: “This is the first step towards a free world.

“It’s the most important thing you could ever do in your life.”

One of the Sex Pistols, bassist Glen Matlock, told Sky News he was unimpressed with Joe Corre’s protest.

“I want to paraphrase Monty Python,” he said, “in that he’s not a saviour he’s a naughty boy, and I think Joe is not the anti-Christ, I think he’s a nincompoop.”

Glen’s being polite. Maybe it’s because he’s British. I’m American. I believe in the words of Rick Sanchez: “Being nice is something stupid people do to hedge their bets.” Yeah this story got me extra riled up. I can’t tell if I want to throw up or put on my boxing gloves to work through this. Maybe both? I can’t drink, too soon til I have to work.

*Deep breath.* Where to start?

I hate calling people names (no offense to Glen Matlock- EVER), but this guy appears to be a spoiled shit. I don’t say that because his parents are filthy rich (they are) but he had access to unprecedented history- that he chose to exploit by burning in protest. You wanna protest? Fine, let’s go- but what you did was counterproductive, my friend.

His dad was the manager of the Sex Pistols. Everyone let that sink in for just a second. You and I both know if you weren’t the tattooed purple haired leather jacket with matching boots wearing punk misfit like I was (and am, to a smaller extent), you STILL know who the Sex Pistols are. Angry yet? If not, let’s sally forth. Fuck it, if you are you still need to sally forth with me on this one.

So his dad, who managed one of the most prolific bands in history (you wanna argue with  me on that I will happily go toe-to-toe cuz I’m fucking right), leaves him a fuck-ton of memorabilia. Memorabilia, I’m guessing, that is one of a kind can’t get anywhere else unique unknown to the world shit. Joe decides, “Hey this could really bring attention to my cause!” Now, here’s where it all goes horribly awry: Joe could have done something amazing, like sold it to the highest bidder to raise awareness to his protest. He could have opened his own traveling museum and charged people to lock them in and hold them hostage while he berated them repeatedly with messages regarding whatever it was he was protesting (we loosely know what he was protesting but we’re not to that point yet). The list of alternative options for Joe is nearly endless but Joe didn’t do any of them. Instead, Joe burned history to the fucking ground.

I’m debating on puking and/or fighting again. I must be Irish and not know it. Joking, kiddos, joking.

Ok so let’s say Joe had every right to burn history to the ground, which technically he did. It’s his shit, and that was how he wanted to treat it. It’s a damn shame, but what’s done is done, right?

Wrong. This fuck up has caused a ripple effect that’s going to last a long time and the worst part is: I don’t think he knows what he was protesting. I don’t think anyone does.

According to the article, Joe was originally pissed about “Punk London” putting on a huge celebration of the history of punk heritage and call it, in essence, marketing exploitation and the equivalent of brainwashing. Then he wants to highlight the dangers of climate change, hence the banner reading “Extinction! Your future!”

Look, Joe, your message is gonna be stronger if you pick one and stick to it. Second, if you want to do more than 1 message, fine, but make them at least linked logically somehow. Third, does anyone else see the fucking irony of raising awareness for global warming BY BURNING things? Fourth, telling us we’re all gonna die isn’t a news flash or dire warning, it’s just a fact of life. Fifth, your burning was short-lived. That whole “Punk London” celebration is going on all year, buddy boy. You could have spread this out for so much longer and made so much more noise. Instead, you went out with a fire hosed-down whimper. Pussy.

Slight aside, boys and girls: marketing is everywhere and in everything. It’s not new and marketing execs will use anything and everything at their disposal to get you to buy things. Now that we punks are older with disposable income you’re damn right they’re going to market to us. “Conformity in another uniform” has been the mantra of the alternative misfit lifestyle its entire life existence. If you want people to know you’re a punk, you wear the punk uniform- leather jackets, black boots, colored and/or spiked hair, etc. All punks where the same uniform, the same way all metal heads wear the same uniform, or the hippie uniform, or all emos, or any other music genre. Its how kids let the world know, to a certain extent, who they are, what they stand for, what they believe, and to what music they listen.

I also think its ironic that as a business owner he’s trying to shame marketing. Pretty sure if you want your business to succeed you need marketing. For the record, nothing is meant to be nostalgic at the time. No one sets out to do anything in the present for future nostalgia’s sake. Time and culture decide nostalgia, not you, Joe.

Before I make myself too much more sick about this whole ordeal, a final thought or two: You’re wrong, Joe, that punk shouldn’t be in a museum. It NEEDS to be in museums. It needs to be taught. Kids need to know that there is hope against oppression. That they can have a voice, that they can riot up against tyranny (real or perceived) and that there have been many before them who fought the good fight for the common working man by wearing shirts that say “Pink Floyd Sucks” and dyeing their hair. Kids need to know they can and should question all authority, all the time, because sheep are led to slaughter. And Joe, you took a lot of teaching tools away when you burned them on that boat.

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