Government Overreach, Part 1 of many

The government in general has way too much power. As a Libertarian I believe this to my core. The essence of the Libertarian Party is “you mind your business, I’ll mind mine.” As long as you aren’t causing havoc in other peoples’ lives, do what you want.

I hate seat belt laws. I realize the reason for them is that the government and society have to expend serious time and money scraping your mangled carcass off the road if you choose not to use one and wreck. However, I say we let social Darwinism take effect and have the government butt out. Everyone knows seat belts save lives. If you want to flip off the reaper by not wearing one and driving like a jack ass, I say we let you. I don’t think the world will miss your ignorant behind once its gone. You should, however, be fined out the ass if you don’t buckle in your kids. May have to contact my local legislature to express that opinion.

I hate marriage licenses. Back in the day, when the government wanted to make sure you weren’t committing incest or spreading disease, fine, records may have been necessary. Now? Please. The government wants to know how to tax me, and that’s the only reason they would need to know. It’s not like they’re going to send me a wedding gift or throw me an anniversary party.They’d probably tax me on both of those, anyway.

Let’s follow this to its logical conclusion, shall we? We can live together, we can have sex with whomever, we can even have a ceremony expressing our undying love to each other all without a piece of government issued paper. We can also break up, walk out, and have a ceremony celebrating our undying hatred for each other (sometimes known as divorce parties) all without a court-sanctioned Motion for Divorce.

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