Idiots desecrate MCA’s Memorial Park

I don’t care if it was Pro-Trump morons or HRC’s supporters being pussies posing as Trump supporters DON’T FUCK WITH MCA’S MEMORIAL PARK.

There are a few people in my world who know about my FANATIC obsession with the Beasties so I take this VERY. PERSONAL. I know the vandals don’t know me and if they’re damn lucky they never will. I take kickboxing and have a constant burning rage. I would be more than happy to catch a charge to equal out the karma in this situation (and with my network of lawyer friends with any luck I will get out of a charge).

So let’s review, shalI we? Swastikas were drawn- and at lest one was BACKWARDS. Nice touch, fucktards. We’re really going to take you seriously. I’m guessing you idiots can’t even spell Swastika. It also read “Go Trump.” Trump, I hear, is seriously pro-Israel and although a hateful troglodyte, I hear he’s a big supporter of the Jews. But, my dear friends, here’s a fun twist: MCA WAS BUDDHIST. I’m not going to split hairs about Judaism and Buddhism but let’s just let the stupidity stew: you painted Swastiskas on a BUDDHIST’S memorial park.

At least the physical damage was minimal and easily removed but the mental and emotional damage will linger, especially for me. I’m barely over the fact that he died four years ago.

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